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If you recognize the items in these pics, you’re in the same club as me…

Sorry gang, we’re old…

For the younger otaku, the items here (top-to-bottom, left-to-right) are:

  • a pager
  • a rotary landline telephone
  • 3.5-inch floppy disk (holds 1.44MB! less than your average mp3)
  • a payphone
  • a Betamax video tape player
  • another style of pager

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When I used to collect single issue manga comics, I would scour my local comic book shop for anything I could find.  I remember fondly seeing whole long boxes of these books!  These are only some of what Antarctic Press used to release. The ones I collected over the years are all very dear to my collection.

You can’t find a lot of comprehensive information on these books online.  Outside of Ippongi Bang, these creators aren’t very well known.  That’s because Antarctic Press localized smaller titles, usually only found in Japanese anthology magazines or fanzines, and would actually go to Comiket to find original doujinshi (known as 創作, sousaku) to localize
Stainless Steel Armadillo, for example, was featured in the magazine, Lemon People. 
They were released under both Antarctic Press, and Venus Comics (the adult comics). Though those released under AP also had some NSFW content.

My personal favorite was Fantastic Panic, which I believe was never completed. :(  Fantastic Panic was the first of the manga to be released in the early 90s. It was the one that was snatched up from Comiket. It was created by Satoru Yamasaki who went under the pen name of “Ganbear”. This started off the manga line for AP, which on its own eventually lead to the formation of Studio Ironcat. [source]

There’s a list here of the titles they released, that is not on Wikipedia. I’m hoping to collect any and all of these titles for my personal collection and then I will do a really comprehensive guide for them, as well as do personal scans of each.  I actually do grab these when I see them at thrift shops and used book stores, even doubles.  I will also be happy to trade doubles with people in the future. :)

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